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Various, The Progressive Rock Box Set-CD

*Formato: 6xCD, Comp, Dlx, Ltd, *Genero: Rock, *Estilo: Prog Rock, BerlinSchool,

SKU: MBB7196
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The Progressive Rock Box Set
*Formato: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
*Calidad del disco: Mint (M)
*Calidad de la cubierta: Mint (M)
*Discografica: Music Brokers
*Prensado: MBB7196
*País de edición: France
*Año: 2015
*Genero: Rock,
*Estilo : Prog Rock, BerlinSchool,
*Rating avg: 4.67


CancionesTrack Throwing Melodies To The Stars, Track 1-1 “Please Dont Touch”, Track 1-2 Celebration, Track 1-3 Living In The Past, Track 1-4 “No Mules Fool”, Track 1-5 Catherine Howard, Track 1-6 Breathe, Track 1-7 Tomorrow Night, Track 1-8 Los Endos, Track 1-9 Run Like Hell, Track 1-10 “You Keep Me Hangin On”, Track 1-11 The Great Gig In The Sky, Track 1-12 Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day, Track Tomorrow Is Today, Track 2-1 In The Land Of Grey And Pink, Track 2-2 Song Of Aeolus, Track 2-3 Going For A Song, Track 2-4 Bundles, Track 2-5 Outer Vision, Track 2-6 Brainstorm, Track 2-7 All Gates Open, Track 2-8 Ultima Thule Part 1, Track 2-9 Ultima Thule Part 2, Track 2-10 Sumpfige Wasser, Track 2-11 Egyptian Kings, Track 2-12 November, Track Painting The Sky In Your Mind, Track 3-1 From Under, Track 3-2 “LAlbero Del Pane”, Track 3-3 Orange Blossom Special, Track 3-4 A House Of Hopes And Dreams, Track 3-5 In My Own Time, Track 3-6 Three Sisters, Track 3-7 Bullfight, Track 3-8 Death Walks Behind You, Track 3-9 Cosmic Wheel, Track 3-10 Can-Utility And The Coastliners, Track 3-11 McAlpine Versus The Asmoto, Track 3-12 Eclipse, Track Little Particles Of Science, Track 4-1 The Technical Divide, Track 4-2 Red, Track 4-3 Hocus Pocus, Track 4-4 Buried Beneath, Track 4-5 Good Day, Track 4-6 Bedside Manners Are Extra, Track 4-7 Black Crow, Track 4-8 “If I Could Do It All Over Again, Id Do It All Over You”, Track 4-9 Lady Eleanor, Track 4-10 A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Track 4-11 Space Is Deep, Track 4-12 Sunset In The Fifth System, Track Swimming In The Seas Of Uranus, Track 5-1 America, Track 5-2 Lifetime, Track 5-3 Friday The 13th, Track 5-4 Random Acts Of Science, Track 5-5 Firth Of Fifth, Track 5-6 Lummy Days, Track 5-7 Which Way The Wind Blows, Track 5-8 The Wizard, Track 5-9 Of Kith & Kin, Track 5-10 Cactus Choir, Track 5-11 Vivaldi, Track 5-12 Love 74, Track Close To The Heights Of Perception, Track 6-1 House Of The King, Track 6-2 The Water, Track 6-3 Just Another Day, Track 6-4 The Serpent, Track 6-5 What Can Be Done, Track 6-6 “Larks Tongues In Aspic – Part Two”, Track 6-7 Radagacuca, Track 6-8 Improvisation On An Indian Scale, Track 6-9 Stay Human, Track 6-10 Your Time Starts Now, Track 6-11 Circle Of Hands, Track 6-12 Viva Mi Sevilla
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